We wonder why our economy is collapsing daily


Hon R M Simango

The problems which confront us today are unprecedented , they have No counterparts in human experience . Men search the pages of history for solutions , for precedents , but there are none . This , then , is the ultimate challenge and that’s I’m saying :


It’s now nearly 2 and half years since the General Elections of 31 July 2013 that brought to an end of Inclusive Government (GNU) that had ushered in outstanding economic progress (revival) and respite to Zimbabweans National and International. Unfortunately, with the current clueless failed Zanu-Pf Government, it is now obvious to all serious National and International observers that the 2013 General Elections were perhaps the most manipulated and rigged Elections ever before in Zimbabwe Election History.

Since 1980 when Zanu-Pf was alone in Zimbabwe Government, we experienced 29 years of poor Governance, high Corruption, injustice of the Rule of Law, Partism of Government programs and projects and also Soaring Inflation that lead to every Zimbabwean to be a billionaires BUT the Inclusive Government (GNU) brought price and fiscal stability , direction to Government programs and projects and also rapid economic revival that brought the suffering Zimbabweans hope back.

Statistically, this was most clearly demonstrated by the Zimbabwe Revenues to the State which expanded from just $220 million in 2008 to $4.8 billion in 2013. This is clearly unmasked that the Inclusive Government (GNU) which included President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai as Prime Minister of the Inclusive Government (GNU) achieve its materialism economically but the current clueless failed Zanu-Pf Government devastated and destroyed the revived Zimbabwe Economy by MDC-T during GNU (Inclusive Government)

Vendor selling fruit is Harare CBD
Vendor selling fruit in Harare CBD

Zimbabweans National and International remembered with nostalgia the fantastic times of the MDC-T in Zimbabwe Government but its all seems like a long time ago even though its only 2 years as given the dispiriting reality now around our economic tables. After the purported victory of July 2013, our economy lost no time in casting a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the sinking Zanu-Pf led Government that had been imposed on Zimbabweans by ZEC.

Within some days of the end of the Inclusive Government (GNU) values on the Stock Market began to decline and are now barely quarter what they were in 2013 while more than $4 billion has fled our Market over the past 2 years which gives a gigantic blow to the Banking Sectors.

In the Banking Sectors, most Indigenous Banks rotten with patronage , insider loans , poor management due to Zanusim and lack of regulatory oversight by the Reserve Bank , have all but collapsed. Zanu-Pf clueless poor Economic Policies such as Zim-Assets and Indeginization stimulated to the Collapse of Zimbabwe Economy, Education, Health, Transport, Sanitation, Small Businesses, Tourism, Agriculture and Banking Sectors.

These immediate challenges have been further exacerbated by the resumption of demands for the transfer of Government Assets to Politically connect Zanu-Pf Individuals and Ex-Military and Military Officers under the guise of Indeginization. In the past 2 years, 60% of our Commercial Banks have either been placed under curatorship and OR liquidation with the loss of over $3 billion of Zimbabweans’s savings and income. The flight of capital, loss cash circulation at the Banks and the liquidation of National and International Investments have resulted in a Cash Crunch that in paralyzing the Private Sectors, exacerbating the Closure of Companies and inhibiting Economic Activities throughout the whole Country.

It seems as if the clueless failed sinking Zanu-Pf titanic has learnt nothing from its 35 years in Zimbabwe Government but only learn Corruption and Killing innocent Zimbabweans who are fighting for Democracy in Zimbabwe. This lack of understanding and ignorance of Economic Principles, the unjustified and unbudgeted expenditure in 2014 and in 2015 have pushed the National Budget from the surplus achieved during each of the years of the MDC-T control of the fiscus, to over $1 billion in 2014 and a projected $2.5 billion in 2015. This means that the Current Zanu-Pf Government had incurred a totally unsustainable budget deficit of 33% of expenditure in 2014 and it should be noted that this is approaching 41% in 2015.

This is totally unacceptable because it violates the fundamental principles underlying the IMF’s Staff Monitoring Programme (SMP) ,which was negotiated under the Inclusive Government (GNU) and was signed by Mugabe in 2013.

The consequences of this accelerating collapse of the Zimbabwe Economy are extremely grave because unemployment has reached record highs of 95%, disposable incomes have declined and the State is unable to meet its day to day needs for it to be effective in delivery services to the suffering Zimbabweans National and International because they are failing to meet their basic needs.


If Mugabe cares, he did not deserve to go on leave this year as he had failed to discharge his duties. Anyone who still believes that Mugabe and his clueless failed

Zanu PF will bring solutions to the country’s immense Socio-economic and political problems is no different from a child who believes that Santa drops gifts through a house chimney. It is clear that the current ruling failed party and its leader have abandoned the country It is unforgivable that Mugabe ups and leaves the country at a time when his compatriots, the pensioners and civil servants are unpaid.It is shocking that someone takes a sabbatical from the current affairs of the State at a time when it is burning with clear collapsing signs. This is the time he needed to show direction and unmasked his leadership qualities, but instead he pays himself a bonus and all the trinkets he wants then goes away. That’s ridiculous and unacceptable indeed. Mugabe was more concerned about problems within his sinking Zanu PF titanic party than problems facing ordinary people of Zimbabwe.

Fellow Zimbabweans, let’s wide open our eyes and see the unseen that the MDC-T is having to its coffers and lets Completely Transformed the current failed clueless Zanu-Pf Government for us to return to GNU (Inclusive Government) scenario as MDC-T will revive the Collapsing Economy.

United we Win
Divided we Failed

MDC-T : Equal Opportunity For All
MDC-T Chipinge West Constituency
Hon R M Simango

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