Through this program the organization will conduct public lectures, debates, discussions and dialogue sessions in communities. It will carry out roadshows and distribute information, education and communication material educating the public on policy issues. The outreach program present an opportunity to interact with traditional, political and community leaders and help solicit feedback from the public on policies and the impact they have on their lives.

Through holding public outreach programmes at ward, district, provincial and national levels the outreach program will bring debates, information and engagement to the people regardless of residence or physical location. Citizens are capacitated to freely raise alarm when they experience any form of rights violations. This will benefit the citizens through easy access to information for better decision-making options. The program helps to continuously inform, engage, analyze policies so that the citizens are kept acquainted on national policy developments and provide a platform where citizens can continue to hold the government accountable for the various policy positions.

The outreach activities equip the citizens with analytical skills to eliminate the potential to accept policies at face value without a fuller understanding on how they impact their lives. Ultimately this helps to develop an informed and engaging citizenry. The outreach programs also help to promote an open interaction platform for the general public to engage with the policy makers at any level. Political leaders from across the political divide will also be engaged to contribute to policy dialogue and implementation.