The Women Leaders Lecture and Discussion forum provides lecture series within the feminist learning community for women to connect with the sacred dimensions of their experiences and to support and encourage each other in the world community. It will use a feminist process of sharing women’s lives and issues and looking for concerns from which to design future women centered policy dialogue programs. The agenda ranges from personal to global and provides a platform for both men and women to gain a deeper understanding of policy formulation and implementation and enhance effective citizenship participation in such processes.

The program takes into account the historical patriarchal-led system in Zimbabwe and therefore explores practical ways for advancement of women and children issues. It is designed to empower women to shape their own lives in authenticity and is guided by mutual respect in speech, in attention to the speaker and in sharing talking time and encouraging dialogue on key policy and national issues that affect women. The program has a panel of eminent women leaders who will help to guide and design the lecture and discussion forums and exploring new dimensions and revamping the image of a woman.

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